USB Type-C to be used with noise-canceling headphones

It's not the first time that a phone drops the 3.5 mm audio jack, but the first noise-canceling headphones with USB Type-C are announced.
The JBL headphones will draw power through USB to power the noise-canceling.
But will there be an option for a pass-through connector, so you can still charge your phone?
USB Type-C noise-canceling headphones

Android M is going to support USB Type-C

After the first tablet and laptops with USB Type-C, we are now waiting for the first phone.
Android will support Type-C starting with Android M.
It's still possible to support Type C with earlier versions of Android, but you will have to add it yourself.
For now Google announced the new Power Delivery modes and MIDI devices.
Android M to support USB Type-C

Sandisk dual USB drive with Type-C connector can be bought!

It's a bit odd this news stayed low profile.
When Sandisk announced the product, there was no clear date when it would actually ship.
I'm not sure when it really started shipping, but it can be ordered from Amazon.
Sandisk dual USB drive with Type-C connector at Amazon

First phone with USB Type-C announced

After the first tablet and laptop, now it's time for the first phone with USB Type-C.
Letv announced Le Superphone!

Google announces the new Chromebook Pixel 2 with two(!) USB Type-C connectors

I have to admit that the new 12 inch Macbook is quite an achievement from an engineering perspective.
A 12 inch screen, 13 mm thin and less than a kilo.
Those are specs that the new Chromebook Pixel 2 can only dream of.

But I still prefer the Pixel 2 over the new Macbook.
Only one USB port is just ridiculous.
The Pixel 2 not only has one USB Type-C port, it has two of them!
And it still sports two USB 3.0 ports and a SD card slot.

And for the people that say that ChromeOS is too limited, it's real easy to run Linux alongside ChromeOS with Crouton.
Google Chromebook Pixel 2

Sandisk announces dual USB drive with Type-C connector

Not sure when you can actually buy it (Q2 2015), but it's nice to see that USB Type-C is finally getting mainstream support.
We also have to wait for the price, but starting with 32 GB, it shouldn't be too expensive.
SanDisk Dual USB Drive Type-C

Lacie announces USB drive with Type-C connector

Looks like Lacie wasn't aware USB 3.0 has been around for quite some time.
It's nice they announce a USB drive with the Type-C connector, but there's no need to boast the USB 3.0 speed.
Anyway, we'll have to wait until next quarter to see prices and availability.
Lacie USB Drive with Type-C connector

Apple announces new Macbook with only a USB Type-C port

I was surprised Apple released the new Macbook with only one USB Type-C port (and headphone jack).
I think it's way too early to drop all the ports and go with a single Type-C port.
This means that when you charge the Macbook, you can't connect anything else!

Luckily Apple sells multi-port adapters, but they are very expensive and will ruin the look!
The Inquirer reports on the new Macbook

Cypress releases programmable single chip controllers

It looks like the actual implementation of USB Type-C still has some problems.
So things for USB Type-C are not set in stone yet.
With the release of programmable controller chips, Cypress gives you the flexibility to add functionality with a software upgrade.
Cypress USB Type-C controller chips

Tom's Hardware tests the new USB 3.1 controller chip

Tom's Hardware took the new MSI motherboard with USB 3.1 for a spin.
With USB 3.1 they could write twice as fast with only half of the CPU utilization!
This looks promising for the future.
Tom's Hardware USB 3.1 benchmark

Tektronix is offering automated tests for USB 3.1 compliance

Things are ramping up for USB 3.1 and the USB Type-C connector.
Automated tests should ensure the quality of the new products.
Once you start pumping 100 Watts and 10 Gbps and a full HD DisplayPort signal through a cable or controller chip, you don't want any hiccups.
Tektronix automated USB 3.1 tests

JPC high speed USB 3.1 connector is certified by Intel

I have to admit I was disappointed by the number of USB 3.1 and Type-C connector products presented at CES 2015.
It looks like there are very few companies that can produce them at the moment.
Not even the big companies like Intel and AMD have chipsets ready.
So for the moment we need to rely on companies like JPC.
JPC high speed USB 3.1 connector is certified by Intel

New USB 3.1 optical cables are coming

To get the top speed of 10Gbps, you will need high quality cables.
It's very common that you get a cable of less than a meter with an USB 3.0 external HD.
Silicon Line will introduce optical cables, that will allow thin and long USB 3.1 cables.
Silicon Line

Short user review of Nokia N1

The first Nokia N1 tablets with USB Type-C connector have been delivered.
Too bad there isn't much you can connect it with, but here is the review anyway.
Youtube Review of Nokia N1

20,000 Nokia N1's sold in 4 minutes

China was able to pre-order the Nokia N1 tablet, but the first batch was sold out in 4 minutes and 2 seconds.
The next batch will go up for sale on January 15.
The first batch should arrive at the customers by the end of this month.
This looks like a good start for the revival of Nokia in the consumer market.
Nokia N1 sold out in 4 minutes

Adata shows first USB 3.1 and Type-C storage solutions

Adata has presented their Dual SSD external drive with read and write speeds just above 800MB/s!
This will take full advantage of the new USB 3.1 speeds and new Type-C connector.
For the people that prefer the USB sticks, Adata also presented their new stick with Type-C connector.
It's unlikely that this small stick will break any speed records, but it's nice you no longer have to worry how to put it in.
Adata Type-C storage products

MSI shows first motherboard with USB Type C connector

As the article says, MSI will release a new revision of GT72 notebook and X99A motherboard with the new USB Type-C connector.
They also showed that USB 3.1 is clearly faster than USB 3.0.
MSI launches USB Type-C products

CES 2015

2015 should become the year of USB 3.1 and Type-C connector adoption.
Let's see what new products with the new USB Type-C connector will be presented at CES 2015.
CES 2015

Nokia N1 Tablet

This is the first tablet I've seen that will come with the new USB Type-C connector.
It's a pity that the data transfer rate will only go up to USB 2.0 speeds, but I hope it will allow higher current for faster charging.
I hope other companies will follow soon with the full USB 3.1 spec.
Just a personal note, I'm happy to see that Nokia finally got rid of Windows and is going all-in with Android.
Nokia N1 tablet

USB 3.1 and USB Type-C connector

This site is dedicated to the new USB 3.1 and the new reversible USB Type-C connector.
I will try to update this site with all the new and exciting stuff that will happen with the new USB 3.1 and Type-C connector.
USB 3.1